Instant noodles are fried before packing!? Say whaaaaat? 😱

Instant noodles have always been a childhood favourite, but I recently discovered that they are deep-fried before packaging. Now apart from the fact that it’s made of maida, filled with preservative – it’s also DEEP-FRIED! Yes, you heard it right! 

 When I seek an alternative to a quick, affordable, healthy but still tasty alternative, only Masala Oats comes in mind. It is available in so many different flavours from Italian to Chinese. I generally opt for Saffola Masala Oats because its renowned, has 75% lesser fat than instant noodles & calorie controlled.


Taking care of the Indian palate, Masala oats are bursting with flavor! Made from 100% natural whole grain oats & real vegetables, these are definitely one of the best & tastiest way to stay fit! 😁 . Definitely, the next best snacking option – much healthier than the low fat instant noodles that are deep-fried and take a toll on your healthy lifestyle! 

Oats are high in fibre & protein which keeps you fuller for longer, control your hunger oangs and help your manage your weight too! Safala Masala Oats are no doubt a healthier and a tasty instant snacking option! 🙌

 Definitely switching to oats now. Some fun recipes to make oats eating even tastier:




Let’s make cooking seamless with Siemens! ☺️

When you talk about cooking delicious food, the only thing that matters is the ingredients. Oh well, this myth is easily busted by Siemens! 🙂 

With Siemens, it’s a mix of fresh food, passion, sleek modern design and innovative technology that makes a great meal for your guests! 

We were recently invited to The Siemens Experience Centre  to get a hands on experience and a live feel of their seamless built-in appliances. The entire concept is a great idea altogether because you as a customer can test or experience your appliances right in front of your eyes. The Centre also gives you an idea about the space requirement and a live demo of cooking can also be arranged. 

The space is brilliantly set up with a range of luxury products providing you a hassle-free and an enjoyable cooking experience. 

We started off with the cookies in their smartly designed ovens. The range of Siemens ovens boasts of unique features like TFT color-touch display, 4D Hot Air, varioSpeed, coolStart and activeCleaning for ease of cooking and cleaning. All these features totally make cooking much simpler and more relaxing! 

The cookies once baked, were cooled conveniently due to the telescopic ray’s technology that Siemens oven provides. 
Later, we tried the Domino Hob to cook Pakodas, Stir fried vegetables and Barbecue Chicken. Umm, confused on how all of them were cooked on one hob? 😯 Let me tell you how! 

The Domino hob has a Barbecue Grill, Teppan Yaki and a deep fryer all in one which occupy a total space of 30cms each on every hob. This hob is a must buy for all those who love throwing house parties and can’t wait to pamper their guests with home-cooked food! 😊

The best part was the Teppan Yaki, which is a flat silver platter, more like a “modernized tawa”, which can be used to cook multiple things. Right from cooking vegetables to giving the tadka, this feature is superb! 

We then went to Super convenient steam oven section where we cooked up some Dhokla and Rice. With clever design functions, one can cook multiple things at a time in these ovens. Awesome isn’t it? ☺️

All in all, the entire experience was great and we learnt how Siemens has evolved with technology and brings out the best experiences for the consumers. With clever and innovatively designed functions, Siemens built-in appliances make cooking much simpler and relaxing. 

In other words, Siemens appliances infuse a new kind of convenience that will turn around your kitchen into a space with unforgettable experiences ☺️

Make Way for Baleno Wicked Weekends!

NEXA presents Baleno Wicked Weekends! When I say this, I can totally recollect that amazing time I had at India’s Longest Party Marathon! What exactly is Baleno Wicked Weekends? Why is it the talk of the town? Well well, for people who don’t know about it, they should totally start catching up on things to do this weekend list! 😉

Maruti Suzuki’s premium channel– NEXA, and an offering from the global content company ZEE – ZEE Live, kick started India’s longest party marathon with Baleno Wicked Weekends. The initiative is an attempt by the two heavyweights to reinvent urban nightlife. And when we say this, we mean India’s longest party marathon! 😀 With 40 nights of celebrations across the big party hotspots – Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai; India’s Longest Party Marathon truly promises a night like no other.


We visited Mumbai’s very own Tap Resto Bar in Andheri to experience this ourselves! Right from the vibe of the place to the entire ambiance, everything was brilliantly put together. Living Foodz, the lifestyle partner for this marathon, made sure that there were no complaints about the food and beverages! We just couldn’t stop at one dish. They made us go gaga over the specially curated menu:


  1. Dark Relish: Succulent chicken pieces tossed in a tangy and irresistible peri peri sauce made for a perfect start. This appetizer was so good, that we gobbled this up in seconds!

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-15 at 11.29.00 PM (7)


  1. Iconic temptation: Standing true to it’s name, this dish was absolutely tempting! With the slight tequila grill and a perfect marinade, the cottage cheese dish was oh so good! 😀

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-15 at 11.29.00 PM (1)


  1. Mettle Crunch: The classic Fish & Chips with a Baleno & Living Foodz twist! 😉 These deep fried fish fingers with French fries were an absolute show stopper. A complete delight for all the seafood lovers for sure!


Apart from the food, we enjoyed some of their delicious mocktails as well. Take “Bold Potion” for instance. With a little bit of Peach syrup and lemon juice mixed in perfect proportions, this mocktail was absolutely refreshing and a treat to the taste buds! Absolutely refreshing!!

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-15 at 11.29.00 PM

The music curation at Baleno Wicked Weekends is one thing that deserves a big mention.. The stage saw Zenith and DJ Clement take over the decks for this edition and their music took us on a journey that made the night an all rounder.

During our experience, we couldn’t stop going gaga over the foot-tapping and electrifying music of DJ Clement and Zenith. Known for their stupendous international gigs, these musicians made the audience dance into the wee hours of the night.


All in all, NEXA’s Baleno Wicked Weekends brings out the best of food, lifestyle, music and nightlife under one roof! India’s Longest Party Marathon promises an experience like never before! Baleno Wicked Weekends defines urban nightlife! 😀


Stay tuned for more updates on

Register on this link to stand a chance to win an all access night to India’s Longest Party Marathon.



Daawat-e-Iftar! :D

Traditional Iftar treats woo our taste buds to no bounds! But when we got a chance to try the new delicacies at Behrouz Biryani’s Daawat-e-Iftar party, we just couldn’t stop going gaga over the entire menu. Iftar parties are known to be grand and one of a kind. The one that we attended at Behrouz Biryani’s HQ was just true blue awesome! 😀

Want to know how awesome it was? Well, here’s a glimpse of Behrouz Biryani’s delicious and grand Iftar partaaay!

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 6.43.20 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 6.45.18 PM

  1. Falafel-E-Khaas: Vegetarian falafel discs served with achaari hummus tasted absolutely delicious! One bite and an instant melt-in-the-mouth! Being a hardcore non-vegetarian, this dish is something that totally impressed me!

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 7.30.11 PM


2.Haleem: Haleem is an old dish introduced by the Persians to India. Popularly made out of Mutton, Wheat, Legumes, and spices; the Haleem which we tried here struck the perfect balance! Lip-smacking indeed!

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 7.31.41 PM


3.Murg Kefta: Kefta kebabs are typically middle eastern kebabs known for their perfect depth of flavors and texture. We were eager to try the Murg Kefta kebab at Behrouz Biryani’s Iftar because their very sight made us go *droooool*. They had the perfect mix of fresh herbs and dried spices. Delicious to the core!

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 7.30.43 PM


4.Lazeez Bhuna Murg Biryani: Biryani being the signature dish of Behrouz totally stole the show. Talk about standing true to the name, the biryani was absolutely lazeez”. Perfectly balanced flavors with the aroma of world class spices, packed in the biryani was a complete treat to our taste buds!

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 8.31.41 PM


We ended our delicious meal with a decadent Rasmalai and oh boy it was superb!

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 7.52.23 PM

All in all, the entire party was arranged perfectly by Behrouz Biryani and we feel honored to be a part of their guest list 🙂 Right from the ambiance to the delicious array of food dishes, everything was bang on perfect!

Oh yes, these dishes are available on their regular menu too. You can find them under the ‘Eid Special’ section. So wait no more, order these delicacies from Behrouz now! They’ll surely make your Eid a splendid one! 😊

Let’s Call For A Repeat! :D

The making of whisky is a long and adventurous story. From it being called the ‘water of life’ to it’s glorious attempts of satiating our taste buds, Whisky is one drink that needs a repeat for sure! 😉
And when I talk about ‘repeat’, what better way to celebrate the existence of whisky than Repeat Whisky itself! 😁
We recently got a chance to know what goes behind the making of India’s most sought after whisky brand and how one can make the most of Repeat Whisky in their various cocktails and concoctions!
Repeat is a premium blended grain whisky that provides a unique and smooth taste to the palate.
 Slight hints of toffee and vanilla can be noted in every sip!
The aroma, however, has clear tones of peated malt character of Western Islands of Scotland!
Repeat Whisky comes straight from the best Indian malts and the finest Scotch! These blended with the rich and luxuriant taste of toffee, caramel and vanilla make for the best whisky brand ever!
 The velvety and rich taste of this whiskey definitely calls for a #Repeat! And we couldn’t stop repeating these soothing cocktails made by the experts of the Repeat team!
Here are some exclusive hand crafted cocktails that we couldn’t resist at all:
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-17 at 2.06.41 PM
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-17 at 2.06.44 PM
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-17 at 2.06.57 PM
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-17 at 2.06.58 PM (1)
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-17 at 2.07.40 PM
And why repeat if you may doubt? That’s because all good things in life #CallForARepeat! 😉
Repeat Whiskys bring out the best in you and makes you go like
“Ye toh party ki jaan hai!” 🙋
Brings out a lively and a fun-loving vibe altogether! Definitely a must pick for your house parties or infact any occasion! It’s just perfect for every celebration! 🍷
Repeat Whisky deserves a big thumbs up from Team Mumbai Food Junkie!
Grab your bottles now! 😉

Tantalize your tastebuds with SugarPlay!

You know you are having an amazing day when you have a bunch of signature pastry and desserts from Sugar Play delivered right at by your doorstep! 😍


SugarPlay is a famous online patisserie with on time delivery that’ll impress you like no other! What makes it special is that the desserts here just break the norm! They are a piece of art present in all shapes and sizes. Each dessert is perfectly crafted by the chefs here and the end result is just plain gorgeous!
The quirky yet artistic design of the pastry here is a delight to the eye.
And it when it comes to the taste, there’s just one word that can define it- *HEAVENLY!*


SugarPlay combines unusual flavors elegantly and the end result is just fantastic.

Take Kokan Opera as an example. Made up of chocolate jaconde, tender kokum cremeaux and honey  cremeaux, this one tasted delicious! The flavours blended so perfectly that I couldn’t stop at one!

Another favorite was the Limewire. A tart & mousse hybrid, this one tasted oh so good! 😍
With hints of dill, this had a melange of green pea custard, lime and blueberry insert that tasted superb!

Talk about unusual flavors, and Original Sin pops up in my mind! With a divine mix of Belgian chocolate, clove ganache, poppy seeds and seasalt caramel, one can’t stop going gaga over this too good to be true dessert! 😍


Chef Amit Mehta surely knows how to bring the best out of the most simple ingredients.


Kuddos team SugarPlay! 🙌

Dine Out App is every Glutton’s dream come true!

Dine Out app has always been making our life easy! All thanks to it’s easy online restaurant bookings and the never ending discounts. But you know what made it more awesome?
The Great Indian Restaurant Festival! 😁
We decided to celebrate this festival at the newly launched Versova Social and still think that it was out beat decision ever. With 100+ deals on food, drinks and buffet, Dineout promises a 50% off on your total bill as well. All you have to do is log in to their website or app and register yourself! 🙌 Discounts at the click of a button! With 50% off deals on your food bill, alcohol bill, buffet and set menu, Dine Out is no doubt a glutton’s favorite app! Yummy food and discounts is all that you need to make a foodie happy right? 😉
We had these dishes at Versova Social and thanks to Dine Out, our bill was slashed to HALF! Woohoo! Have a look!




Chicken Death Wings
Trip on The Drip
Chocolate Chutzpah
Chooza 65

Too good to be true right? Say bye bye to your budget woes only with the Dineout app! Hurry up! The Great Indian Festival ends on 11th February 2017! Start booking your slots now! 🙌